Swing Check Valve Installation Use and Maintenance


Swing check valve installation use and maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects:


First, install and use for swing check valve

1. Swing check valve is installed vertically or horizontally on a horizontal pipe and is normally used in a fully open state.

2. The following work should be done before installation

2.1. Remove the stuffy cover and the foam plate at both ends of the valve passage to clean the inner cavity to remove grease stains;

2.2 Peel off the oiled paper on the surface of the valve flap to remove grease on the valve flap surface;

3. The flow of media must be limited during installation.

4. The medium passing through the pipeline should not contain hard particles so as not to damage the sealing surface

5. The valve shall be tested and tested in accordance with the requirements before shipment. The installation unit may be directly pressure tested or installed and used.


Second, maintenance for swing check valve

1. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain, and rust.

2. The opening and closing parts of the opening and closing parts during the month of storage should be closed and the following work should be done:

a. The valve flap should be fixed in the open position

b. The inner ports at both ends of the port are blocked with foam plates. The port must be tightly closed with a stuffy cap to prevent dust and rust, keep the channel clean and the end face flat.

c. Cylinder parts for proper packaging protection, shockproof and anti-collision;

d. When the valve is placed, it should be smooth, and the pneumatic drive device should be upward, and must not be squeezed.


3. Check regularly if placed for a long time. Every three months, check the dirt and rust on the two channels and the sealing surface, and the welding conditions. After wiping off the dirt and rust, re-apply the anti-rust oil to protect it.

4. The overall structure, simple and compact, beautiful appearance

5. Long service life, high reliability.


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