The Difference Between Full Liner Butterfly Valve And Half Liner Butterfly Valve


Fully lined butterfly valve is the valve plate and valve body lined. (inside is connected to the pipeline, the outside is WCB or SUS304, lined with glue on the inner wall, used for places with high corrosion.

Half-liner butterfly valves are only lined only for the  valve plate, or only the valve body. (For places where corrosivity is not very high and there is no accumulation of impurities.

Rubber lined butterfly valve material selection:

1.Rubber seal butterfly valve sealing surface material code J, rubber X, fluorine plastic F.

2.The plastic rubber butterfly valve with rubber seat should be selected: nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene.

The difference between fluorine-lined full liner butterfly valve and half-lining butterfly valve.

Type D371F Fluorine Butterfly Valves are widely used in the transportation of liquids and gases (including steam) in various types of industrial pipelines, especially those with severe corrosive media, such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, and strong alkalis. , aqua regiaand other highly corrosive media.

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