Welcome to Become a ZG Brand Agent

Welcome to Become ZG Brand Agent

If You Have a Mature Brand
  • ZG has a wealth of OEM experience for major brands. 

  • While providing high-quality products and technical services, ZG can provide a complete set of services such as packaging, nameplates, casting marks, and third-party inspections.

  • ZG can provide a variety of transportation methods, fast delivery, patient and careful service, complete customs clearance documents and impeccable quality.

If You Have a Newly Established Brand
  • ZG can provide high-quality valve products and complete technical services. It can also provide nameplate design, business card design, brand packaging, and product recommendations for good sales in the local market to help you quickly occupy the local market.

If You Want to Establish a New Brand
  • ZG is very familiar with international brands due to its rich OEM experience. 

  • ZG can provide a full range of assistance, including but not limited to LOGO design, product design, brand image, nameplate design, brand packaging, and recommendations for the best-selling products in the local market.

  • ZG can help you realize your own brand and quickly realize product sales.

If You Have Some Designs and Ideas on The Valve
  • ZG has a lot of experienced engineers who can discuss with you and help you realize it.

  • ZG can also help you apply for domestic intellectual property protection, and has flexible ways of cooperation.

  • We can jointly develop new products and bring them to the market.

If You Want to Become an Agent Of ZG

ZG can provide agents with:

  • ZG brand authorization

  • ZG product distribution authorization

  • ZG brand material support

  • ZG product technical support

  • Customized product development support for the local market

  • ZG's global customer development resource sharing

  • ZG Global Engineering Information Sharing

  • Agent year-end rebate

  • Local market operation support

If You Own a Valve Brand and Try to Develop the Chinese Market
  • ZG has many years of valve production and sales experience in the Chinese market and rich sales channels, and is very happy to share these with more brands.

  • If your brand is considering developing the Chinese market, you are welcome to communicate and negotiate with ZG.

ZG VALVE has a comprehensive and thoughtful brand strategy, wherever you are in distribution, ZG VALVE provides comprehensive brand and marketing support.

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