ZG valve case丨Southeast Asian valve distributor purchases ZG fully lined butterfly valve

Case Introduction

Project name: Southeast Asian valve distributors purchase ZG fully lined butterfly valves

Customer name: a valve distributor in Southeast Asia

Buy Valve: ZG Fully Lined Butterfly Valve

Customer needs: local engineering procurement

The customer is from Southeast Asia and is a valve distributor. The customer has many local companies.

A local chemical plant of the customer needs to purchase a batch of fluorine-lined butterfly valves and conduct local bidding procurement. The customer has been cooperating with ZG Valve for a long time, and immediately contacted the sales staff of ZG Valve after learning the news. ZG Valve attaches great importance to it, and sent a quotation to the customer at the first time, and provided comprehensive technical support such as technical drawings, application scope, demonstration cases, and quality inspection process during the bidding process.

In the end, the client successfully won the bid. After the bidding, the staff of the chemical plant privately informed the customer that we were not the one with the lowest price, but the most professional one in the bidding, so we finally won the order.

After the order was confirmed, ZG Valve delivered the product to the customer as scheduled, and the chemical factory customer was very satisfied with the product quality of ZG Valve. The customer said that the project started as planned, and this is only the first batch of purchase orders, so valve products will be needed in the future, and they will continue to cooperate with ZG Valve.

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