AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve——ZG Valve
AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve——ZG Valve
  • AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve——ZG Valve
  • AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve——ZG Valve

AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve

ZG AS2638 1600KPA Non- Rising Stem Resilient Seated Gate Valve(DN40-DN1000), CE pressure equipment Certification,10 inspection procedures, multiple pressure tests,two-year warranty, a variety of materials are available.

Size Range: 1 1/2“-24”/DN40-DN600

Pressure: -100Kpa to 1600 Kpa

Body Materials: Ductile Iron AS 1831 500-7

Wedge Coating Materials: NBR /EPDM EN 681-1

Wedge Materials: Ductile Iron AS 1831 500-7

Stem Materials: Stainless Steel X20 Cr13

Payment: T/T, D/P or L/C

Lead Time:5-30 days


Design Features:

1、 Ductile Iron body and bonnet for high strength and impact resistance . Valve Body and Bonnet Fusion bonded epoxy coating for long life corrosion protection. Straight through full bore to avoid debris traps, small flow resistance.

2、 Ductile Iron Wedge inside and outside fully rubberized with vulcanized EPDM or NBR ,suitable for potable water.

3、 Rubber bonnet gasket for longevity and protection of bonnet bolts, Isolated fasteners for corrosion protection.

4、 Stainless steel stem with rolling thread for high strength and corrosion resistance**.

5、 Back sealing facility to allow for replacement of seals under full operating pressure.

6、 Lower thrust washer to reduce friction.

7、 Ductile Iron Gland Thick Wall Casting, replaceable O rings.

8、 Dust Guard to prevent impurities from entering the stem sealing system.

9、 Brass bushing for alignment, low torque operation.

10、 Stem nut assembled downward.

11、Valve is supplied with hand wheel or bare shaft with square cap; Small operation torque, easy opening and closing.

Field of Application:

Size Range: DN40 and DN600

Maximum Temperature: 80˚C

Allowable Operating Pressure:PN10、PN16、PN25

Gate valve for use in irrigation, general utility services, HVAC and water systems


Bolted Bonnet

Replaceable O-ring

Rubber encapsulated wedge, Brass Wedge Nut.

Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside , blue RAL 5017 200 Micron thick

Working pressure from -100 to 1600 Kpa and working temperature from -10 to +80 ºC

Technical Specification:

Valve design according to AS2638

Face to face dimensions according to AS2638

Hydraulic test according to ISO 5208

Standard flange drilling to AS2129 Table E



Item No.Part NameSpecification
1BodyDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7
2WedgeDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7
3Wedge CoatingNBR /EPDM EN 681-1
4Wedge NutCopper Alloy
5StemStainless  Steel  X20 Cr13
6Bonnet GasketNBR /EPDM EN 681-1
7BonnetDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7
8O Ring Back SealingEPDM/NBR
9Stem WasherPEFE
12Stuffing BearingBrass
13Gland  FlangeDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7
14Dust  GuardEPDM/NBR
15HandWheelDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7
16Stem CapDuctile Iron AS 1831 500-7

Dimensions (mm)

SizeLDD1D2bn-d1HH1WW.T(kg )

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