High Performance Butterfly Valve from ZG VALVE
High Performance Butterfly Valve from ZG VALVE
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve from ZG VALVE
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve from ZG VALVE

High Performance Butterfly Valve

ZG high-performance butterfly valve (DN50-DN1500), high reliability design, long service life, 10 inspection procedures, and CE pressure equipment certification.

Size Range: DN50-DN1500

Pressure: PN6~PN63 Class150~Class1500 JIS5K/10K/20K

Body Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile iron, Bronze, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel, Alloy steel

Seat Materials: EPDM, NBR, PTFE, VITON, Rubber, STL, Bronze, Stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel, Alloy steel

Disc Materials: Ductile iron, Carbon steel, Bronze, Stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel, Alloy steel

Stem/Shaft Materials: 45#, 410, 420, 431, 2Cr13, Stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel

Packing: Flexible Graphite

Payment: T/T, D/P or L/C

Lead Time: 5-30 days


Design Features:

High performance butterfly valve

The ZG high-performance butterfly valve adopts a double eccentric butterfly plate with a spherical sealing surface, and is equipped with a single piece of flexible lip type sealing seat, which is suitable for occasions that require reliable sealing and good adjustment characteristics. Due to the design of double eccentric butterfly plate, the valve has tight sealing performance and long service life. It can be used to quickly cut off or adjust the flow.

The product is suitable for the transportation of liquid and gas (including steam) in various industrial pipelines. Specially selected, it can also be used for special media, such as chlorine, oxygen, high vacuum, long life, sulfur resistance or corrosive media. The product can also have fire protection function selection, low temperature selection and micro-leakage suppression filler selection, etc.

The connection method can be a wafer type or a lug type single flange design for large pipe diameters and pipeline ends.

In addition to ASME B16.5, B16.47 standards, it can also be used in connection sizes such as DIN standards, JIS standards and national standards according to user requirements.

Use a single PTFE valve seat design, with good elasticity and high reliability

·Lip type sealing structure can compensate temperature and pressure changes

·No need to add O-rings or metal parts to keep the seal

·Achieve no air bubble leakage and sealing test in both directions

·Long service life and low maintenance

Special material sealed valve seat

·Specially designed sealing valve seat material, long life, good performance and wide range of use

Offset shaft and eccentric butterfly plate design

·The valve seat does not contact the butterfly plate when it is open and in the middle position

·No wear points on the upper and lower parts of the valve seat

·Low torque and small operating mechanism requirements

Reliable fixing of the shaft

·2"-24" (DN50-600) high-performance butterfly valve, the top of the shaft is equipped with a fixed ring to prevent the upper part of the shaft from moving out of the gland when the shaft is accidentally broken

Easy maintenance of valve seat

·The valve seat can be replaced as long as the insert is removed, without disassembling the butterfly plate and shaft shut-off and control.

·Has excellent control characteristics

·Percentage change such as flow characteristic curve

·Wide adjustment range

·Tightly sealed even if used for control

·The standard single flange butterfly valve with lugs can be used at the end of the pipeline at either end of the entire pressure and temperature range

Complete supply

·The drive device and accessories of the high-performance butterfly valve can be installed and provided uniformly

·Electric device, worm gear device, double-acting pneumatic device or spring reset pneumatic device can be provided as a complete set, as well as various accessories, including limit devices, solenoid valves and positioners

Provide a variety of materials

·Standard materials include ductile iron, aluminum bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, 20 alloy, Monel, etc. Other materials can also be selected according to user requirements.

Field of Application:

Size Range: 2"-60"/DN50-DN1500

Temperature: (-)10℃ to (+) 450℃

Allowable Operating Pressure: ANSI Class150~Class300 DIN PN6~PN25

ZG high-performance butterfly valve uses offset valve stem and eccentric butterfly plate, adopts ball valve lip type sealing technology, and uses a single polymer sealing seat to coincide with the outer edge of the spherical sector of the butterfly plate to achieve a reliable seal. This structure eliminates abrasion and reduces the influence of temperature and pressure changes. This kind of valve has compact structure, light weight and reliable sealing. Compared with the traditional gate valve, it is easy to install, reliable in sealing, convenient to maintain, longer service life, lighter in weight and low in price. It is used in industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, and electric power.

The structure length of ZG high-performance butterfly valve conforms to API609.

In order to facilitate operation or automatic control or remote control, the company's valves can be equipped with pneumatic devices and electric devices.

Performance Specifications:

Nomial Pressure150LB300LB600LB
Shell Test3.0 Mpa7.5 Mpa15.0 Mpa
Seal Test2.2 Mpa5.5 Mpa11.0 Mpa
Back Seal Test2.2 Mpa5.5 Mpa11.0 Mpa
Working Temperature-10℃ ~ 450℃


Special materials are selected, and it can also be used in special environments, such as chlorine, oxygen, high vacuum, sulfur resistance or corrosive media.

Technical Specification:

1.Top Flanges drilled conforms to ISO5211.

2.Flanges drilled conforms to ANSI B16.5.

drawing 高性能蝶阀 ss1.jpg


Part NameSpecification
BodyDuctile Iron/Bronze/WCB/304/316
Disc Bronze/304/316

drawing 高性能蝶阀new ss.jpg

Dimensions (mm)

DN Inch S Class 150 Class 300
50 2" 9 120.7 96 4-19 14 127 96 8-19 14
65 2 1/2" 11.2 139.7 118 4-19 27 149.2 118 8-22 27
80 3" 11.2 152.4 132 4-19 27 168.3 132 8-22 27
100 4" 11.2 190.5 157 8-19 27 200 157 8-22 27
125 5" 11.2 215.9 186 8-22 27 235 186 8-22 27
150 6" 13.9 241.3 217 8-22 27 269.9 217.5 12-22 27
200 8" 15.9 298.5 274 8-22 27 330.2 273 12-26 28
250 10" 20.6 362 330 12-26 28 387.4 327 16-29 33
300 12" 23.7 431.8 386 12-26 33 450.8 385 16-32 35
350 14" 28.7 476.3 425 12-29 35 514.4 445 20-32 41
400 16" 41.4 539.8 470 16-29 41 571.5 505 20-35 41
450 18" 41.4 577.9 533 16-32 41 628.6 550 24-35 41
500 20" 41.4 635 590 20-32 41 685.8 610 24-35 50.8
600 24" 50.8 749.3 692 20-35 50.8 812.8 718 24-42 50.8
700 28" 51 863.6 800 28-36 50.8        
750 30" a 914.4 905 28-36 82        
800 32" a 977.9 905 28-42 82        
900 36" 50.8 1085.8 1014 32-42 50.8        
1050 42" a 1257 1185 36-42 a        
1200 48" a 1422 1350 44-42 a        
1350 54" a 1594 1522 44-48 a        
1500 60" a 1759 1687 52-48 a        

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