The Difference of Soft Seal Gate Valve And Hard Seal Gate Valve


1.Soft seal gate valve

Besides the anti-corrosion lining valves,the soft-sealing valves  are ganerally the  valves in which the valve plug or valve seat is a non-metallic material (mainly PTFE, rubber, etc.). The soft seal valve has the very good sealing effect, but it may leave more or less unclean debris (such as welding slag, iron scrap, etc.) in the pipeline installation and system cleaning. When they flow through the regulating valve, it is easy to put Soft seal seats or valve cores are scratched to increase leakage and reduce seal reliability. Therefore, the choice of soft seal structure must consider the strict cleaning of the pipeline before the cleaning and commissioning of the medium.

2.Hard seal gate valve

Hard seal with resurfacing wear-resistant alloys are the best choice for shut-off valves. This method considers the sealing property and also considers the service life and reliability. Although the factory specification is only 10-6 to 10-8, can not meet the non-leakage as soft seal valve, but it is sufficient to meet the strict close requirements, and it is Durable and more economical.

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