The Knife Gate Valve of ZG VALVE Export to Southeast Asia



The knife gate valve of ZG industry export to Southeast Asia

R from Southeast Asia contacted us from the Internet for a project change.They send us the photos of Kinfe gate valve,ball valve and gate valve . Engineer from ZG industry discussed the details of the project and provide professional advise .After many times communicate ,finally we make an agreement for that .And arranged the production .Now it have been finished and arrange the shipment .


Knife gate valve is widely used in the automation control system of paper, chemical fiber, petrochemical, food, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment, mine slagging, slag, coal ash, cement slurry, mortar, coal slurry, mining and other industries.

Small tips for knife gate valve:

1. Pneumatic knife gate valve are rising stem(rising shaft)

2. Gray iron, ductile iron knife gate valve are two-way sealed(bidirectional)

3. Bidirectional knife gate valve normally used for sewage, unidirectional knife gate valve (one-way sealing ) is generally used for        solid particles

4. Bidirectional knife gate valve generally has a large torque. It is recommended to use a larger cylinder.

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