The Scope of Application And Practicality of The Y Strainer


The Y-type filter is an indispensable filtration device for the transmission medium piping system. Y-type filters are usually installed at the inlet end of a safety valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other equipment to remove impurities from the medium to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Y-type filter has advanced structure, low resistance and so on. It is very convenient to use in industry! It has a filter basket called the filter assembly. This assembly is the most useful part of the entire structure and it determines the filtration accuracy of the Y filter! When the fluid enters the basket, solid impurities and useful parts are separated here!

Y-type filter accuracy test

The accuracy of different filtering is not same, they are used in different places. So what method can test the Y-filter's filtering accuracy? Usually, the method we use is based on testing the size and number of bubbles under certain pressure. This method is relatively simple, but the accuracy is not high enough. There is also a more accurate test method called diffusion flow testing. It is more accurate to test because the diffuse stream is 80% of the exact number of points. This method can reflect more problems, so its application is also very extensive, and become the best test method!

The importance of the accuracy of the Y-type filter in practical applications

We all know that in terms of industrial machinery and equipment, the accuracy of the equipment is very important. It determines that the equipment can operate normally and achieve the effect that the engineer wants to achieve! Of course, the Y filter is no exception! The filtration accuracy of the Y-type filter determines whether it can completely treat the sewage, so that people can rest assured that the impact of its role on people's lives! We want to develop and perfect technology so that better technologies can serve our lives!

Y-filter use precautions

First, when installed, the water flow direction of the system is the same as the direction of the arrow on the valve. Horizontal or vertical is possible. Second, install a filter on the y filter to see if it will leak. If leakage occurs, the gasket may be damaged and replaced. Third, check the y-type filter on the impurities too much, you can use this side of the method, installed in the pressure gauge on both ends of the filter, the pressure difference between the two ends of the reading shows that the filter has many impurities, can be cleaned. Fourth, the Y-type filter should be fitted with a shut-off valve. It should be installed on the downstream of the Y-type filter.Its easy to operate when maintenance.

Y-type filter use and maintenance

When used,we  should also pay attention to cleaning the filter, easy to breed bacteria, pollution Y-type filter tube liquid. In order to protect Y-type filtration equipment for a long period of time and work normally for a long period of time, in daily use and maintenance, the protection equipment fittings are protected from wear and clogging. Note: The filter should be isolated from the press system before every maintenance and cleaning. After cleaning, use a new gasket when reinstalling.

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