Y Strainer Working Principle & Correct Installation Method


The working principle is installed at the inlet of the device to remove impurities from the medium to protect the valve. The correct installation method is to install horizontally or vertically.

1. Working Principle

The Y-type filter is an indispensable filtration device in a piping system for transporting a fluid medium.


Y-type filters are usually installed at the inlet end of pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, globe valves (such as the inlet end of indoor heating pipes) or other equipment to remove impurities from the medium to protect the valves and equipment. use.

The Y-filter has advanced structure, low resistance and convenient drainage.

The Y-type filter is mainly composed of a takeover pipe, a main pipe, a filter screen, a flange, a flange cover, and a fastener. When the liquid enters the filter basket through the main pipe, the solid foreign particles are trapped inside the filter blue, and the clean fluid passes through the filter basket and is discharged from the filter outlet.

The reason why the filter is made into the shape of a cylindrical surface basket is to increase its strength and is stronger than a single layer mesh. The flange cover at the lower end of the y-shaped interface can be unscrewed, and the particulate impurities deposited in the filter basket are regularly removed.


2. The installation method

Carefully clean the threaded surface of all pipes before installing the filter. Use proper amount of pipe sealant or Teflon tape (PTFE).The end threads are not treated to avoid the sealant or Teflon tape entering the piping system. The filter can be installed horizontally or vertically.


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