Fan Coil Joint

Fan Coil Joint

Fan Coil Joint

Size Range: 1/2"-2 1/2"/DN15-DN65

Payment: T/T, D/P or L/C

Lead Time:5-30 days



Fan coil joints are ideal end products for central air conditioning. Fan coils are widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, and scientific research institutions. In order to meet the design and selection of different occasions, the fan coil joint can be metal hose and rubber hose according to the material.

The material of this product is SS304 stainless steel with the advantages of high temperature and pressure resistance,corrosion resistance,variable displacement and damping and noise abatement,applicable to central air conditioner and petrol and chemicals and other industries.

Main Feature:

1. The body structure is exquisite, compact, sturdy and durable, beautiful in appearance, noble and elegant.

2. Adopt high-quality galvanized plate casing, and the condensate water pan is integrally formed by a molding process, and there are no welds, solder joints, and thermal insulation materials that meet the fire protection specifications.

3. Small size: Lightweight body design. The drainage pipes and lines are easy to install, and the left and right connection and return air modes can be changed at any time to match the site conditions. The unit can be installed in any space.

4. High efficiency: The advanced tube expansion technology ensures the close contact between the copper tube of the heat exchanger and the aluminum foil, and the heat transfer performance is good;

5. Low noise: Reasonable fan and airflow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials, make the noise of the unit lower than the national standard 1-3dB(A);

6. Low energy consumption: The fan and the heat exchanger are reasonably matched, and the air volume can be adjusted in three gears, so that the fan uses the most electricity.

Working Principle:

The fan-coil connector mainly relies on the forced action of the fan to heat the air when it passes through the heater surface, thus strengthening the convection heat exchanger between the radiator and the air, and can quickly heat the air in the room. The fan coil is the terminal device of the air conditioning system. Its working principle is to continuously recirculate the air in the room in the unit, so that the air is cooled (heated) after passing through the cold water (hot water) coil to keep the room temperature constant. Usually, it is sent indoors after being processed by a fresh air unit to meet the needs of fresh air volume in air-conditioned rooms.

However, because this heating method is only based on convection heat exchange, and the indoor comfort level is not reached, it is only suitable for places where people stay for a short time, such as offices and hotels, not for ordinary residences. Due to the addition of fans, the construction and operating costs are increased, and the maintenance and management of the equipment are also more complicated.

The fan coil joint control mostly adopts the local control scheme, which is divided into simple control and temperature control. Simple control: Use the three-speed switch to directly manually control the three-speed conversion and start-stop of the fan. Temperature control: The STC series thermostat automatically controls the opening and closing of the STV series electric two/three-way valve according to the comparison and calculation of the set temperature and the actual detected temperature; the three-speed conversion of the fan. Or directly control the three-speed conversion and start-stop of the fan, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature by controlling the water flow or air volume of the system.

As the terminal equipment of central air-conditioning, the fan-coil joints determine the effect of indoor air-conditioning. The performance is mainly the guarantee of the cold (heat) supply, the guarantee of the air supply, the numerical ratio of noise, the non-leakage of condensate water, and the rationality of the design of electrical appliances and sheet metal parts.

Dimensions (mm)

Nominal diameter DN Length(mm) axial compression(mm) Axial extension horizontal displacement Deflexion angle(a1+a2)°
15 280 10 5 20 45
20 280 10 5 20 45
25 280 10 5 20 45
32 280 10 5 20 45
40 300 10 5 20 45
50 300 10 5 20 45
65 300 10 5 20 45
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