WTX type flexible rubber bent
WTX type flexible rubber bent
WTX type flexible rubber bent
  • WTX type flexible rubber bent
  • WTX type flexible rubber bent
  • WTX type flexible rubber bent

WTX type flexible rubber bent

WTX type flexible rubber bent

Size Range: 2"-12"/DN50-DN300

Rubber Body Outer Layer: NR/EPDM/IIR/CR/NBR/VITON

Rubber Body Inner Layer: NR/EPDM/IIR/CR/NBR/VITON

Skeleton: Nylon

Flange: Q235/SS304/SS316

Ring: Steel

Payment: T/T, D/P or L/C

Lead Time:5-30 days


Design Features:

1. Small size, light weight, good flexibility, easy installation and maintenance.

2. After installation, it can absorb the horizontal, axial and angular displacement caused by the vibration of the pipeline; it is not restricted by the non-concentricity of the pipeline and the non-parallel flange.

3. After installation, it can reduce the noise generated by the vibration of pipes, pumps, etc., and has a strong vibration absorption capacity.

4. The internal seamless high-pressure rubber joint can more effectively prevent the corrosive medium from corroding the inner wall of the rubber joint in high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, and oil resistant pipelines, and improve the service life.

Field of Application:

Working Pressure MPa(Kg f/cm2)1.0(10)1.6(16)2.5(25)
Bursting pressure MPa(Kg f/cm2)2.0(20)3.2(32)4.5(45)
Vacuum KPa(mmHg)53.3(400)86.7(650)100(750)
Applicable Temperature-15℃-(+)115℃,(for special conditions)it can be-30℃-(+)250℃
Applicable MediaAir, compressed air, water,   sea water, hot water, oil, acid and alkali etc.

Size Range: 2"-12"/DN50-DN300

ZG rubber joints have good comprehensive performance and are widely used in basic projects such as chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, and electric power. According to different materials, it can be made into various varieties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance, which can be adapted to various media and environments.


Note:The joints  above DN200 used in high pressure and high building,anti-pull-off device  should be installed if the pipe has no fixed stay or fixed bracket(actual  axial force of the product is less than anti-supporting force).

Technical Specification:

Design Standard:GB/T26121

Face to Face Dimension:GB/T26121

Connection Type:GB/T9115.1-2000, HG, ANSI, DIN, BS, EN, JIS

Test Standard:GB/T26121




Dimensions (mm)

Nominal diameter DN Length L(mm) Axial displacement Lateral displacement(mm) Deflexion angle(a1+a2)°
DN inch Extension Compression
50 2 150 20 20 16 20°
65 2 1/2 150 20 20 16 20°
80 3 160 20 20 16 20°
100 4 170 20 20 16 20°
125 5 200 20 20 16 20°
150 6 230 20 20 16 20°
200 8 265 20 20 16 20°
250 10 280 20 20 16 20°
300 12 320 20 20 16 20°
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