Flange type rubber duckbill valve from ZG VALVE
Flange type rubber duckbill valve from ZG VALVE
  • Flange type rubber duckbill valve from ZG VALVE
  • Flange type rubber duckbill valve from ZG VALVE

Flange type rubber duckbill valve

ZG VALVE Flange type rubber duckbill valve, DN50-DN1200,CE pressure equipment Certification, multiple pressure tests, two-year warranty.

Size Range: 2"-48"/DN50-DN1200

Payment: T/T, D/P or L/C

Lead Time:5-30 days


Design Features:

The duckbill valve is specially processed by elastic neoprene rubber and man-made fiber. The shape is similar to a duckbill, so it is called a duckbill valve. When there is no internal pressure, the duckbill outlet is closed under the action of its own elasticity; as the internal pressure gradually increases, the duckbill outlet gradually increases, keeping the liquid to be discharged at a high flow rate.

The main purpose of the flanged rubber sewage check valve: used in waterproof systems, discharge systems, water pump outlets, lifting pump stations and submerged aeration systems. The main features of the product: the rubber flange and the valve body are integrated, and the installation is extremely convenient . The valve body adopts all-rubber design, which will not cause siltation and jamming, which reduces maintenance costs and allows solid particles to pass smoothly. Valve body manufacturing material: Neoprene rubber/Hipron/NBR/EPDM, etc.; flange material: Q235, SS304, SS316, etc.

1. The 100% rubber structure can meet various anti-corrosion requirements (different rubber materials can be selected according to actual needs).

2. No blockage and good sealing.

3. Long service life, trouble-free and maintenance-free.

4. There are no moving parts and mechanical parts, no electric signal and manual operation, no noise.

5. The opening pressure is small, and the water head greater than 0.01 meters can be opened.

6. Under normal conditions, the head loss can be reduced to a very small extent.

7. Various installation forms can be changed to meet customer needs.

8. Easy installation, low cost and low operating cost.


The duckbill valve has low cost. If suitable rubber materials are used, the service life exceeds that of the metal check valve. It is convenient to install, flexible in installation methods, and repairable.

1. Maintain a high jet velocity.

2. Preventing the invasion of sea water and sediment is one of the main features of the duckbill valve.

3. Facilitate flushing of the discharge pipe.

4. Under certain conditions, higher dilution can be obtained.

5. No corrosion.


Dimensions (mm)

Type Nominal diameter of pipe DN Length  Height Embed depth
d0 H C
XH4150-150-F 50 150 100 150
XH4180-220-F 80 220 140 200
XH41100-250-F 100 250 200 225
XH41150-340-F 150 340 265 275
XH41200-420-F 200 420 325 338
XH41250-520-F 250 520 425 400
XH41300-620-F 300 620 525 485
XH41350-700-F 350 700 625 525
XH41400-800-F 400 800 725 588
XH41450-900-F 450 900 825 625
XH41500-980-F 500 980 925 688
XH41600-1120-F 600 1120 1025 800
XH41700-1180-F 700 1180 1125 969
XH41800-1350-F 800 1350 1400 1080
XH41900-1500-F 900 1500 1525 1150
XH411000-1600-F 1000 1600 1725 1325
XH411200-1840-F 1200 1840 1950 1485

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